Analysing Includate Communities- eBook

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We present an interactive eBook as part of the Includate project: “Analysing Includate Communities- The lived experiences of diverse migrant groups in five European cities & opportunities for positive change”.

The eBook is a mapping and analysis of the structure of local communities, the role of migrant groups within society and the specific needs and challenges of these groups. It is a valuable resource for other communities and projects seeking to understand and address local issues. Discover the results of our community reporting and mapping sessions in Berlin, Copenhagen, Gdynia, Palermo and Budapest.

Central Berlin: Ideal Location, Not Universally Accessible:

Our community mapping initiative centered around central Berlin, specifically Leipziger Straße, Fischerinsel, and the adjacent district of Kreuzberg. The report provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with a migrant background in this dynamic urban setting.

Community Discoveries:

The report highlights challenges like limited affordable social spaces, scarcity of green areas, and difficulties in navigating public institutions, emphasizing the need for enhanced support systems.

Key Insights:

  • Public Institutions and Employment: Insights into the inflexible labor market and varied attitudes in public administration towards migrant employment opportunities.
  • Housing Challenges: Exploration of the disproportionate impact of the housing shortage on migrants, addressing obstacles on the private market.
  • Community Engagement: Despite well-organized associations, challenges in community work underscore the need for increased initiative.

Explore our interactive eBook now for a comprehensive guide to creating inclusive and diverse communities! Empower your community with knowledge!